The Beaches

San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur has a rich history from the 1600’s when the Spanish conquistadors used it as a safe anchorage to today as a Californian surf vibe, the area is spotted with many hidden beaches along the coast (some which were used in Survivor seasons 2010,2011 and 2015.) rich in sea and shore life. A great selection of restaurants and shops are throughout this hub.

It has a population of about 16,000 is about 1 ½ hours from Casa Castillo but well worth the trip.

From fishing to surfing, horseback riding to off road motorcycle trail riding the adventure is at your fingertips. If you just like to watch this is a great place to take in the sights of San Juan and maybe be fortunate to catch an international surfing competition.

A statue of Christ of the Mercy adorns the northern hillside of the bay that is familiar to the Brazilian beach in Rio.

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is a secluded beach and is located south of San Juan Del Sur. It is approximately12 kilometers from San Juan Del Sur. The drive is smooth until you hit the road to the beach which is a bit bumpy but worth it.  You can request the cab driver to wait for you or simply ask him to return at a specific time. Don’t worry you don’t pay him until he picks you up. At the entrance to the road you will have to pay a nominal fee. Once you get to the end you will find a amazing small bar restaurant with washrooms that are very good. At this point you will have to run fast to get a spot on the beach, JUST KIDDING! We arrived when the tide was out and there was next to nobody there. This beach is good for surfing, the waves are not too huge though. Walking the beach you will come across a variety of marine life, the beach seems untouched and tranquil.


Montelimar Beach is the closest beach to the capital city, Managua. It consists of 3 km of white-sandy beaches and a resort that is managed by the Barceló Hotel chain. This beach is considered to be home to one of the most complete and most beautiful beach resorts in Central America.

Pochomil Beach

This beach is perhaps the most popular beach among the people of Nicaragua. It is popular for relaxing in the sun, bathing and tanning as well as for horseback riding. Many restaurants are situated along Pochomil with the most delectable fresh seafood dishes available.

Playa Majagual

Nicaragua’s string of beaches continues down on the Western coast to Majagual Beach, which offers a more humble experience for visitors from around the world. With only one hotel in the nearby area, most visitors opt for camping giving them the opportunity to experience the beach naturally. Majagual Beach is known for its stunning views, remarkable sunsets, and tranquility amidst a more private setting. Like most beaches in Nicaragua, Majagual does not leave visitors with nothing to do. Fishing, swimming and surfing are all common activities in the area.