Granada is just 15 minutes from Casa Castillo.

The city is dotted with Spanish inspired cathedrals some dating back as early as 1583, not to mention the cobblestone streets of colonial homes with hidden inner courtyards.

Music and culture flow in the streets …in the restaurants …and street cafes near the Cathedral of Granada and Parque Central. Many festivals and events are held here year round in the city centre.  It truly is an adventure to walk the streets, climb the Cathedral tower and take in the colours and culture.

While in Granada …the Isletas on Lake Nicaragua are just a boat tour away. For a very reasonable price, 365 islands birthed from Mombacho Volcano cluster the shoreline some as residences of the famous…some restaurants and one just for the monkeys.

It is as if you are in a jungle river safari as the boat weaves in between the lush islands, alive with birds, flower and sound.