Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo is a unique and beautiful natural reserve, heralded as the cleanest, deepest and warmest lake in Nicaragua. The average temperature is around 83 degrees Fahrenheit, due to thermal vents that warm the water.
The lake is described as an inverted extinct volcano that filled with rain and underground water thousands of years ago. The water itself is freshwater but slightly salty and is also said to have therapeutic value.
Within the water is a variety of fish, some of which are found only in
this lake…note: nothing that likes human flesh LOL
For the SCUBA diver enthusiast or beginner there is a diving school
that provides dives to see this natural wonder and the living world
This area was also declared a nature reserve in 1991 and building in
the reserve is extremely limited and is a peaceful area with noise
kept to a minimum…no chainsaws, no motorboats.
The surrounding tropical dry forest is home to over 230 species of
birds, numerous reptiles like iguanas, snakes and animals such as
anteaters, jaguarondi, and the howler monkeys to
name a few.
As well, the flora consists of 500 species of plants, varieties of
orchids and huge exotic hardwood trees.